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Ghana offers many diverse opportunities for tourists and travellers. Fauna, flora and culture are going hand in hand with one of the most stable political systems in whole West-Africa. For tourists who have some own travel experience it is suitable for self travelling and it has a quite good structure of tour operators which are offering tours over the whole country.
This Regional Travel guide gives you the possibilty to inform yourself about one of the most popular and most beautiful travel areas of Ghana.

Just 1,5 hours with the car east of the Capital Accra it starts with the Songor Lagoon followed by Ada Foah which is located at the impressive estuary of the big Volta River Stream. Beyond the Volta River it continuous with the AVU Lagoon and the Keta Lagoon.
The Regional Travel Guide provides you with tourist maps so you can explore what to see, to do and experience in this region and especially around the Ezime Guesthouse in Ada Foah. Get information about attractions, activities, suggestions for day trips and more!

The Ezime Guesthouse is also a helpful contact point on the ground where you can gather even more information and where you will find help to plan your trips in this region.

Map of the Region. Greater Accra Region, Volta Region Map of Ada Foah Ghana
Ezime Guesthouse