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A nice one-two-hour excursion takes you to the southern part of the island of Pediatorkope to Mr. Tseko, who holds six crocodiles on his picturesque grounds along the river. The approach to the departure point on the mainland (Amate Kope Guesthouse) does not take more than 5 minutes with a motorcycle taxi from the EZIME Guesthouse.

Mr. Tseko is a friendly, open-minded father of two very nice children. You can buy a chicken wing for 2.50 GHS and throw it at the crocodiles. This is an interesting spectacle. He also has a Hollywood swing to rest and some cute rabbits. Anyone who asks Mr. Tseco will also receive answers. Maybe he explains to you the functioning of his Tilapia farm in the river or something else? When Mr. Tseko has brought you back to the berth, walk the short distance to the main road and drive back to Ada Foah with a passing trotro or motorbike taxi. Enjoy the tour

Tour offer: Global Island Concept (David Ahadzie) in cooperation with Ada Tourism Stakeholders Association
Contact:+233 24411 5225

- Community history walking tour at 20 GHS per person (Minimum 6 persons). Start: 09:30 am - around 1 hour
- Crocodile sanctuary tour at 20 GHS per person (Minimum 6 persons). Start 11:00 am to 12:30 am - around: 1,5 hours
- Combine both tours for 35 GHS per Person. (Minimum 6 persons)

Tour starting point: Ezime Guesthouse / Roman Junction
Ezime Guesthouse