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In the Atlantic live large sea turtles (Leatherback, Olive Ridley, Green Turtle). Each year, mainly between November and February, the female sea turtles come to the quiet shores of Ghana, to lay theirs egg nocturnally. They are pure water animals and have to struggle to climb the sand beach and bury the eggs in the sand. Guided nightly tours of the local Wildlife Division allow you to watch this spectacle on the beach at Ada Foah. However, according to the Wildlife staff, there is only a fifty percent chance to see turtles. Otherwise, one can at least see the impressive deep traces of sand that these heavy animals have left behind on the arduous ascent to the beach or on their way back into the water. In any case, the whole is then a romantic hike along the sparkling sea, perhaps in moon light.

The eggs buried in the sand are naturally a coveted find for freely running dogs and possibly birds of prey. The employees of the Wildlife Division try to protect the eggs from nest robbers by means of large protective cages or coverings them with nets. Even if it is known when the small turtles hatch out and look for the dangerous way into the protective water, is tried to scare off the potential nest-robbers.

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