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If you want to meet someone from Ada Foah on Sundays, you usually get the answer after church. This is a very stretchy time that can last until the late afternoon. It is advisable to pay attention to these dates.
When you attend a Mass, you should have time. Also keep some Cedis ready for the sacrifice, which is not missing in any Mass. Very close to the EZIME-Guesthouse on the Roman Junction, is the new building of the Catholic Church, after which the crossroad is named. Here the service starts at 7am and the chants of the church choir sound gently soothing to the Guesthouse. It is bilingual in English and in Dangme. The new church house is spacious, bright and has an impressive large altar. The procedure follows the Catholic rite, but is prayed and sung with more fervour than in most European churches of this religion.

The oldest and largest church in Ada Foah is the Iro-Scottish Presbyterian Church, adjacent to the town cemetery. Because of the location at the sea, its impressive size and the proud bell tower, this church is like the landmark of the city, although it is located just outside. This is due to the fact that in recent decades all the houses and public buildings near the sea have been destroyed by the relentless progress of erosion. Close by was the Danes fort to protect their trade interests. The last remains of it have not disappeared until last year.

In this church, worship begins at 9.30 am and lasts 3 hours. Inside, the church is extremely modern equipped and because of the location near the sea particularly airy and cool. A large screen above the altar reproduces the bible- and song texts in English, Dangme and partly also in Ewe, so that the visitors can easily follow the mass and also get a sense of the languages of the locals. It is therefore worth to sit a little further ahead, in order to be able to read well. The main focus of the mass is the interpretation of biblical texts, which also allows questions from believers. Various sacrificial sticks in front of the altar serve different sacrifices, the general donation, the donation of the birthdays of newly born children, etc. The songs are accompanied by organ music and chorus.
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