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Go on a short canoe or sailing trip to the Maranatha Beach Camp located at the mouth of the Volta River.

A nice two hour walk will take you from the EZIME Guesthouse through two picturesque riverside fishing villages (Azizanya and Kewunor) to the actual Volta Delta, where the very wide river flows into the sea impressively. Depending on the tides, it flows into the sea with a powerful current, or it comes to a standstill, and the sea pressing into the land forms a huge calm lake. At high tides there is even an upward flow, which is often used by the large fishing canoes and small boats for easier driving upstream.

It is best to take a motorbike taxi to the Hotel Manet Paradise, regrettably not open at the moment, which is directly at the entrance to the first fishing village of Azizanya. You will see the impressive fishing canoes, called Pirogues, with which the indigenous fishermen with up to twenty men aboard ride through the mouth to the high sea. Continue walking through the village towards the estuary, follow the narrow path between the groups of mud-walled houses and if necessary ask the friendly inhabitants for the way to Maranatha. This is the beach camp, which is your target and everyone knows.

The beach camp Maranatha is located on a beautiful quiet bay with shallow water. For people who trust in the expert opinion that there is no risk of Bilharzia due to the daily influx of salty seawater, this is also an ideal place to bath and swim in the wonderfully warm water. In any case you can relax there sitting at the river bank and enjoy the splendid view. Drinks of all kinds and simple inexpensive meals are offered.

A nice walk will lead you along the river bank to the actual mouth of the Volta River, where you will see the sea rolling with huge waves against the out flowing river. The route to the mouth was much longer until a year ago, passing a narrow landmark along a beautiful coconut grove and another small beach camp. By the large Sea Defence project, which unfortunately ended just behind the area of the Maranatha Camp, this land was not protected and was swallowed up within a short time by the ocean.

At the mouth you have the opportunity to watch single fishermen throwing the nets into the river, and watch the big fisher canoes entering and leaving the open sea, a highly difficult and dangerous challenge.
If you are still well on foot, you could walk along the sea back to Ada Foah. But there is also the possibility to get back to Ada Foah with the passenger canoe of Maranatha.
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