Do you fancy a romantic evening at the beach of the Volta River, behind you the roaring ocean, above you the starry sky? Why not spend a night at Maranatha Beach camp at the Volta River estuary? The cabins are simple, clean and can be rented for 50 GHS per night (as of January 2017). Simple meals and drinks are also provided there.

If you do not want to miss the comforts of the EZIME Guesthouse, you can go to the beach camp for 10 GHS with the in-house Maranatha boat (the main port of Ada Foah near the Tourist Office), enjoy the unique situation of one night in the nature, perhaps also the sunrise over the river, and go back in the morning to a dignified breakfast to the EZIME Guesthouse. Have lots of fun with it!
Ezime Guesthouse